Nimble Money

Nimble, a well- established company having been in operation since 2005 , provides a solution for Australians who are employed and in need a quick advance before payday. The company is now one of Australia’s best known short term loan providers having approved over 400,000 loans since inception. Nimble position themselves as a ‘new kind of lender’, one who wants customers to be clear about their loan structure, and wants to ensure borrowers can manage their repayments. Nimble now offers a card option to further help customers manage their money.

Fact Sheet
Loan range $100 – $1200
Loan term 15 to 50 days
Turn over time *60 minutes
Online application Yes
Mobile Application No
Repayment method Direct debit
Website URL


  • Website 5
  • Application 5
  • Prices 3
  • Product selection 2
  • Customer service 3


Types of loans offered

Nimble loans are available up to $1200, with loan terms ranging from 16 to 31 months. If you get approved for a loan, this also entitles you to a free prepaid Visa card which allows you to borrow instantly from Nimble and also lets you load your own money onto the card in order to make purchases.

Your repayment terms will be based on the frequency of your pay, but since Nimble loans are short term loans, you will be looking at weeks rather than months. Payments are automatically deducted from your bank account on dates which have been agreed beforehand.


  • The Nimble short term loans application process is simple and convenient since everything is carried out online.
  • Clarity: The payment schedule for Nimble loans is set out in full at the start of the contract and payments are taken by direct debit on set dates. Nimble sends you an SMS message to remind you when payments are due.
  • Fast access to cash: Once your loan is approved you can often see the money in your bank account within an hour (although this varies from bank to bank). This can even be the case during weekends or on public holidays.
  • Responsible lender: You can find detailed information about the company and short term loans on their company website, so you know you are dealing with a reputable company.
  • Once you’ve borrowed money from Nimble you can continue to borrow and get instant access to cash with the Nimble Prepaid Visa Card.


In order to qualify for Nimble short term loans you need to be resident in Australia and in employment. Nimble will consider you for a loan even if you have a bad credit history. However if you are currently bankrupt or in a part nine debt agreement, or if your credit history is particularly bad, you will not get a loan approved.


Application is done via an online application form, and once submitted, Nimble provides approval within minutes. On some occasions, Nimble will need to carry out additional checks before approving the loan. You will need to provide personal details including information about employment and finances, as well as how often you get paid. Your rent, mortgage and next pay date are other details that are required.